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Zesuper 3/8” X 100ft Synthetic Winch Rope Dyneema Winch Cable Car Tow Recovery


Elevate your off-road experience with ZESUPER’s Synthetic Winch Rope. Boasting 23,809 lbs of strength, it’s lightweight, durable, and comes in various options. Say goodbye to stretch and recoil, and enjoy superior performance.

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Experience unbeatable strength and reliability with the ZESUPER Synthetic Winch Rope. Boasting a colossal 23,000 lbs breaking strength, this Dyneema winch cable is a game-changer for 4WD off-road vehicles, trucks, and SUVs.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Strength: With a remarkable 23,809 lbs. average strength, this synthetic winch rope can handle the toughest challenges.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Made from high-quality synthetic material, it’s both lightweight and sturdy, offering superior performance.
  • Multiple Options: Choose from Blue, Orange, or Gray in 23,000 lbs. or 10,000 lbs. variations to suit your needs.
  • Protective Sleeve: Each rope comes with a 1.4-meter protective sleeve on each end, enhancing durability and safety.
  • Heavy-Duty Hardware: Equipped with a heavy-duty stainless steel tube thimble for eye protection and a strong forged hook for steady and forceful pulls.
  • Low Stretch: Unlike traditional wire ropes, this synthetic rope has minimal stretch and no recoil in the unlikely event of breakage.
  • Easy Handling: Constructed from heavy-duty UHMWPE, it’s easy to handle, retract, and release on almost any winch.
  • Safety First: The bright red protective casing not only prevents wear and overheating but also marks the line’s stopping point on the drum.

Elevate your winching game and choose the ZESUPER Synthetic Winch Rope for unbeatable strength and performance.

Weight 1.91 lbs
Dimensions 10.8 × 10.7 × 5.1 in


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