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Oztent RS-1S King Single Cot


Elevate your camping comfort with the OZTENT RS-1S King Single Cot. It’s designed for the RS-1 Swag, offering a spacious 1-meter wide bed and impressive 200kg weight capacity. Stay stable and sleep well in the great outdoors.

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Experience true comfort with the OZTENT RS-1S King Single Cot. Designed for RS-1 Swag compatibility, this cot boasts a massive 1-metre wide bed to deliver the highest degree of comfort you’ll find in the great outdoors. Built atop a steady, cross-legged structure and fitted with anti-sway bars, the OZTENT RS-1S King Single Cot is constructed for stability. Weight-rated to 200kg, this cot accommodates campers of all shapes and sizes.


  • 100cm (39.4″) wide
  • 200kg (440lb) weight rating
  • Compatible with RS-1 Swag
  • Anti-sway stabilizer bars
  • Compatible with other branded swags
Weight 440.9 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 9 × 8 in


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