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OVS Wild Land Camping Gear – UFO Solar Light Light Pods & Speaker Universal


The OVS Solar Power UFO Light, the ultimate camping companion. This portable and versatile camp light features a built-in solar panel, Bluetooth speaker, and adjustable telescoping pole. With its durable construction and multiple lighting options, it’s perfect for illuminating your campsite and providing entertainment. Enjoy the convenience of eco-friendly lighting and music in one compact device.

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Introducing the OVS UFO Solar Lamp, Speaker, and Portable Light Pods, the ultimate camp light that combines entertainment and portability. With its telescoping design and adjustable height, it becomes the centerpiece of any campsite, providing ample light and entertainment options. Here are some key features of this versatile solar-powered device:

  1. Solar Power Source: Equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the UFO Solar Lamp draws power from a 9.75″ solar panel or can be charged via USB. Additionally, it can be extended by adding 3 standard or rechargeable D batteries.
  2. Portable Charging Station: The system doubles as a portable battery pack, allowing you to charge your phones, GPS units, or other electronic gadgets using the standard USB port.
  3. Bluetooth Speaker: Enjoy high-fidelity sound with the 3.75″ Bluetooth speaker, which is completely portable and features a magnet for easy attachment to metal surfaces. Its durable silicon rubber shell ensures it can withstand rugged outdoor conditions.
  4. Impressive UFO Design: The main head unit is a remarkable 17.5″ UFO shape, securely mounted on three springs that can withstand even the most extreme windstorms.
  5. Removable Light Pods: The UFO Solar Lamp comes with three removable light pods, each offering three different light settings. These pods can be conveniently charged through the UFO unit or independently, and their magnets or hooks allow for versatile mounting options.
  6. Sturdy Construction: The tripod and telescoping poles are made of aircraft-grade heavy-duty aluminum, providing exceptional durability. They can collapse in seconds and fit into the included hard shell case for easy transportation.

Harness the power of solar energy and elevate your camping experience with the OVS UFO Solar Lamp. It not only provides efficient lighting but also delivers entertainment and charging capabilities. Embrace sustainable outdoor living and order your UFO Solar Lamp today!

Package includes the head unit with a 9.75″ solar unit, three pod lights, three wind springs, Bluetooth speaker, adjustable telescoping pole, 3-legged tripod with a quick collar and weight hook, stakes, and a hard shell case with a carrying handle and charging cable.

Weight 12.68 lbs
Dimensions 40.16 × 4.72 × 12.60 in


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