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Dobinsons 4X4 Kinetic Snatch Tow


Elevate your vehicle recovery game with Dobinsons 4×4 Kinetic Recovery Ropes. Offering impressive stretch, protective sleeves, and durability.

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Dobinsons 4×4 Kinetic Recovery Ropes are meticulously rated for their listed capacity. With a 30% Stretch Factor, they offer significantly more stretch compared to standard snatch straps, providing up to 30% additional length (max 39ft) to aid in freeing stuck vehicles.

Each rope is equipped with protective sleeves at the ends to prevent damage that could render it useless.

Proper maintenance is crucial for Dobinsons 4×4 Ropes. After each use, clean them thoroughly with water to prevent dust and dirt accumulation, which can wear down the strap.

Keep in mind that the strap’s minimum breaking strength should ideally be 2 to 3 times the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of your vehicle. Choose a strap suited to the GVM of the lighter vehicle in the recovery process for safety.

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 5 in


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