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Antenna Heavy Duty Gain 6.5 DB Central Frequency 146 MHz.


The A2MHD146M is a powerful antenna with a central frequency of 146MHz, 6.5dBi gain, and durable construction for reliable communication.

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Introducing the A2MHD146M: a high-performance, versatile antenna designed to meet your communication needs. With a frequency range of 144-148MHz and a central frequency of 146MHz, this antenna is optimized for excellent signal reception and transmission.

Featuring a gain of 6.5dBi, the A2MHD146M ensures enhanced signal strength, allowing for improved range and coverage. Its vertical polarization further enhances its performance, providing reliable and efficient communication.

The VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) of S1.2 ensures minimal signal loss and maximum power transfer, resulting in optimal signal quality. The A2MHD146M offers omni-directional radiation, allowing for signal propagation in all directions for seamless communication.

Built with durability in mind, this antenna boasts a rugged construction with copper and fiberglass materials. The black color adds a sleek and professional touch to its appearance. With a length of approximately 120cm, the A2MHD146M strikes the right balance between performance and portability.

Weighing in at 1.74kg, this antenna is lightweight and easy to handle, making it suitable for various applications. The 5-meter RG58 cable ensures flexible connectivity options, providing ample reach to connect to your communication devices.

Equipped with a PL259 connector, the A2MHD146M facilitates hassle-free installation and compatibility with a wide range of devices. The 50-ohm impedance ensures efficient signal transmission, minimizing signal loss.

The A2MHD146M operates reliably in a working temperature range of 40-80 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for various environments and weather conditions.

Whether you need reliable communication for amateur radio, public safety, or other applications, the A2MHD146M is the antenna of choice. Experience superior performance, durability, and versatility with this exceptional antenna solution.

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 3 × 3 in


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