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Oztent Taipan HotSpot™ Chair


This is an ultra lightweight (only 4.4kg total) recreational chair and also includes HotSpot™ features to keep you warm. It incorporates the same great features you’ve come to love from OZTENT chairs including adjustable lumbar support, super high quality construction, and a massive 150kg weight rating. The new OZTENT Taipan HotSpot™ Chair includes 4 insulated pockets designed to hold up to 4 HotSpot™ Pouches for an incredible passive heating experience. Included are 2 x free HotSpot™ Pouches.

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Introducing the Taipan HotSpot™ Camping Chair, a cutting-edge innovation from Oztent. This recreational chair is built to be strong, warm, and lightweight, weighing just 4.4kg. It incorporates the beloved features of Oztent chairs, including adjustable lumbar support, top-notch construction, and a remarkable weight rating of 150kg. With 4 insulated pockets, the Taipan HotSpot™ Chair can hold up to 4 HotSpot™ Pouches, delivering an extraordinary passive heating experience. Additionally, 2 free HotSpot™ Pouches are included for your convenience. Experience the perfect blend of strength, warmth, and lightweight design with the Oztent Taipan HotSpot™ Chair.


  • Ultra lightweight (4.4kg total)
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 4 x Insulated HotSpot™ pockets
  • 2 x Free HotSpot™ pouches included
  • Fully padded for maximum comfort
  • Solid armrests
  • Optional armrest covers included
  • Carry bag provides extra padding when stored in headrest
  • 150kg (330lb) weight rating


Weight 9.5 lbs
Dimensions 38.6 × 10.6 × 9.4 in


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